My best friend

November 20, 2011
I met my best friend in sixth grade. We both thought we'd be friends forever. Neither of us imagined the event of November 6th,2010 would ever happen. I didn't no I'd lose my best friend because of her step father. He beat me that night. He went to jail the next day. She blamed me. She said she'd rather beat me worse than he did than be my friend again. She threatened, but her boyfriend did it instead. He tackled me but i wouldn't let him take me. She left soon after for another school. She's now pregnant and her mother's lost her job. She blames me. But i never blamed her. Because I know how to go on and that really the only person to blame is him. I'll never forget her and the times we had together, but i will also never forget that night, nor will I let it bring me down.

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