Tribute to Nostalgia

November 20, 2011
By , Hoffman Estates, IL
Anything, almost anything...
Can hold a memory.
A memory is a whispered secret.
Mouthed in cold brick rooms.
Coated in sticky glue and sparkly glitter.
Popcorn-textured walls
On a cold playground,
They can hold more secrets than you can picture.
Shouted, laughed.
Whispered, cried, dreamed, hoped.
The feeling of...
Golden toffee poured into a pan.
The feeling of closeness, and warmth.
Memories are trophies.
In wide green fields.
It was warm, nearing the end of the school year.
70°, or was it nearing 80°?
Reminiscence fades with time... Like an old quilt.
Golden dandelions adorned the grassy expanse.
What are weeds but flowers with a will to live?
Blue skies, white clouds.
Black and white cap.
I remember my tribute to nostalgia.

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