Irrational Plans

November 20, 2011
You can say that we’re mistaken
That we don’t know what we’re thinking,
We don’t understand the things we’re saying
And we can help it all by praying

But when you’re divorced and dead,
And gone nowhere in your life,
When you’ve forgotten how to love
When you’ve run out of time

You look back at the days when you
Were sitting in our shoes,
When anything was possible
And every time you’d lose,
You’d pick yourself back up again
And look up at the sky,
You would dream about tomorrow,
And wish that you could fly

Because we see things much clearer,
Than any post adolescent ever will,
We see things for what they are,
And we always will until,
The world takes its toll on us,
Drains us of our dreams,
Takes away the right to love,
Without any sense of rationality

We will always love much deeper,
See much clearer,
Jump much steeper,
And run with less fear

Don’t take your bitter souls out on us,
We’re just looking for a chance,
Chasing all our dreams
And making completely irrational plans.

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