The Tree and the Horse

November 20, 2011
By Anonymous

I walked along the worn dirt path
Not knowing where I was going
Confused, alone, lost, and cold

I came upon a tree
Bent from all the snow
Dark, looming, brown, and bare

I stopped short of the tree
And out came a horse
Golden, exhausted, hungry, and scared

I wondered what that horse was doing
Behind that tree
That dark, looming tree

The horse reminded me of myself
How I was right now
Alone and cold with nowhere to go

Slowly I walked up to the horse
With my aching fingers outstretched
Waiting to see what it would do

It ran
Nimble and swift
Away from me

I came back to that path
Looking for the tree
The tree that was brown and bare

But it wasn't there
The tree that I saw
Was not on the path

Was it a dream?
I ask myself
The tree and the horse

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