Life in Reverse

November 20, 2011
I can still remember when you were only bones.
It was the most beautiful thing.
I remember when the taint of blood swallowed you whole:
that moment was when you were no longer beautiful.
Corruption attached itself to you like a fish to water.
I warned you,
my voice coming out in small whispers compared to your booming baritones.
But you wouldn’t listen.
I was no longer there in your eyes and that was a sad, sad thing.
More sad than the world no longer existing.
Because this was self-infliction at its best, a very part of evil itself.
The way darkness drifts over you now, it’s a permanent thing.
No going back,
Can no longer hold any beauty.
For when the skin touched and wrapped you in a cocoon it was over.
You no longer existed in the eyes of the world.
You no longer existed in my own eyes.
You were no longer deemed worthwhile.

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