We lost all

November 20, 2011
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It’s cold today

Mommy has left me again

I believe she’ll bring back something good

I don’t believe that actually

I hope she will though

I am hungry and I don’t weigh much

Plus this street is scary

We have few blankets and little supplies

Our little box we live in is scary too

My name is Aiden

I am only six years old currently

We live on the streets

I have witnessed awful things

I have struggled and don’t go to school

We don’t have the money obviously living on the street

Mommy tells me a lot of stories to keep me going

I feel sad when I see her crying

My friends names are Seattle and Siber like Siberian tiger

I can’t have real friends mom says

Not until we move to the shelter and off the streets

So for now I have imaginary friends

They suit me well for now

When it’s late at night mommy cries

Only when she thinks I am sleeping

She cries long and hard

Big hiccupping sobs

I hug my teddy bear old, ripped, tattered through the years

We gave up everything

Well mommy did

I’m her little angel

Her baby boy with hazel eyes

I get scared for mommy

I have seen men grab her and take her somewhere

She protest every time

Being carried away against her will kicking

Screaming, scratching, clawing

I remember when it happened once I was three

I ran after her and the men

She was screaming Aiden no. no baby. Stay there.

I kept running toward her screaming mommy

Over and over again

Mommy no, mommy please all through my tears

Choking on my fear

I barreled into the man’s legs

He stopped for a second then his face grew angry

He pulled his foot back and kicked me far and hard

My head hit something solid

I heard bells ringing and then shots rang out

Our angel came and saved mommy

I felt her arms around me and felt protected

I was glad she was safe and that our angel came

We knew we lost all

We still lost all

I hope things get better


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