In my Dreams

November 20, 2011
Last night
I saw
A face
Of you

Standing far
Across the lot
Your back
Turned to me

There in my dreams
I see you again
So clear
Why are you here?

These are visions
No longer dreams
Always having meaning

You stand for something
though I know not
what it may be
Not yet

I felt fear
Running from something
Things I’ve not seen before
Danger lurked all around

I remember
wanting to leave
Just to talk to you
but the subject was lost
to my waking thoughts

It was raining
That’s all I know
But there is so much I wish to see

You in my dreams
You in my visions
Even in my worst nightmares

Every single night
I hear your voice
A simple conversation
between friends
Nothing more

Except last night
When I most longed to hear your voice
You were not there

Does this mean
That something is to happen
Something to us
Something that I do not want

Or may be
It is a pause
In something sweet
Yet to come

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