Shattered Soul

November 20, 2011
The flirting
The teasing
You know I don’t mind

You stop
Afraid of me
Of how I’ll act

You know of me
Who I am
Not who you want
Only what I may be

In your eyes
I’m different
You know I am

Something off
Something wrong
Something completely right

Completing me
The person you see
By your side

Someday soon
I know will happen

Whether you believe
The tales of visions
In a web so thick

I have seen
That day

Again I say
I see fear
I’ve seen it before
You are not the first
And not the last

So perfect and fragile I know you see
Afraid to touch; fear of the break
Afraid of the shattering of the person I be

I am the same
As anyone else
Different in a way only you can see

Take that chance
Take it with me
If anyone falls
It shall be me

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