Summer's Road

November 16, 2011
By MentalMystic BRONZE, Pinehurst, Idaho
MentalMystic BRONZE, Pinehurst, Idaho
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Please leave me to my woes

I ought to say something
The leopard glimpsed out of its hiding hole

To declare in chains is the politician’s philosophy
What a promise of grandeur

She turns him off and
Walks down the stairs
Until the door
Spits her out
An unripe disgust of satisfaction

TV screens along the highway
Scream at the generations

I think I’m embarrassed
She whispers

The beast slithers by
Eyeing her
A bloody mess

What a road
Slithering snakes
She takes the bait

Your mine
He bellows
The open road

I haven’t seen such hypnosis in years
A bird screeches to a post
The sign looks down in pity
Trying against its stiff abilities
To grab hold

The girl is lost
No way home
He pounces

The author's comments:
I am very inspired by surrealism. This poem was in inspired by a dream i had.

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