First Time.

November 16, 2011
By Lanlanx3 BRONZE, Atlantic Beach, New York
Lanlanx3 BRONZE, Atlantic Beach, New York
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I did it just to feel something instead of nothing.

It didn’t feel right when our bodies were touching.

I want to keep doing it so I don’t feel so alone.

Things have happened and I feel like I have lost all control.

I walked my broken heart through my bedroom door that night.

My hair was disheveled and so were my clothes.

My mind was in disarray and I listened as my heart sped up.

I was nervous and scared, but the pain soon numbed the doubt that was filling my mind.

I never thought I would be in this postion, and it took me so long just to unwind.

A while later my clothes were scattered across the floor.

My innocence was not there anymore.

Questions raced throughout my mind and my legs couldn’t stop shaking.

I was overwhelmed and that’s when I knew I had made a mistake.

This was a nightmare that I could not be awaken from.

I now had to deal with what I just did, and it could never be undone.

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