November 16, 2011
By wonderwall. BRONZE, Cedar Hill, Missouri
wonderwall. BRONZE, Cedar Hill, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"Remember how I found you there, alone in your electric chair? I told you dirty jokes until you smiled."-Billy Joel.

Every suit of armor 
Has a minor flaw.
Every soldier standing
Has a moment when they'll fall. 

All the banners waving 
Have hung there in the rain. 
All the wounds now healing
Once felt utter pain. 

The people that are laughing
Have had moments when they cried.
The ones that are still living 
Had visions where they died. 

Even the strongest of us all
At one time have been weak
The loudest in the world
Have moments when they're meek. 

No bridge withstands all earthquakes,
No soul survives each day. 
We all collapse in darkness,
Yet still we find our way. 

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