Waiting on Nothing

November 16, 2011
By elmo09803 BRONZE, Piedmont, California
elmo09803 BRONZE, Piedmont, California
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Waiting on the nothing that might never come
I want to go about life like I'm dumb
I wait and as the normal of my life starts to fade away
Nothing is coming, my set resolution starts to sway

Exactly what I think is coming isn't clear
I want this instability to disappear
I want life to be an easy breeze
I dream of simple times, what a tease

I want to find something quick
The clock of life goes Tick Tick Tick
But still I find myself standing here
Nothing is coming I can't stand my fears

The author's comments:
This piece is mostly about waiting for a chance, or an opportunity.It's about not understanding why you feel empty and not knowing how to fix it or what to do about it.

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