wnhat love really feels like

November 16, 2011
By boricua505 GOLD, Savannah, Georgia
boricua505 GOLD, Savannah, Georgia
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i was walking on a cliff when i saw your rope in the air, i tried to run but your rope caught me and it wasn't fair.

at first as you pulled i didn't want to go, then i became blinded and couldn't say no.

then i looked down and my feet were on edge. you started pulling and tightly i held onto the ledge.

i don't wanna fall i had said he said he wont let me fall then his manipulative powers started messing with my head.

i look down one last time his words I'll catch you went through my mind.

i closed my eyes and let myself fall, i kept on falling but no longer did i hear his call.

i didn't want to open my eyes afraid he wouldn't be there, so i tried distracting myself with the beauty of the air.

then when i didn't expect it my face hit the ground. he said he'd catch me but he was no where to be found.

i was so hurt and broken i didn't want to get up off the ground, i was broken and saw no point of life and i decided to stay down.

then after awhile i started getting weak, my mouth was so dry i could barley even speak.

this wasn't going to end so i started to stand, i wasn't going to sit and waist on this unknown land.

so back up the cliff i started to climb, then some rocks from the top had started to unwind.

i struggled, and every muscle in me complained, but i kept on climbing no er how much i was pained.

finally i had reached the top, and realized with dignity that my pain had stopped.

i was no longer suffering and as broken as can be, because i was stronger and from you i was free <33

The author's comments:
this is a poem that i made after i broke up with my ex. i had fell in love with him hard. he said he loved me too and that he would never brake my heart...but he lied and i learned love is a myth

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