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November 16, 2011
She gave you her independence and
she gave you her life.

she gave you her body and
she gave you her mind.

She placed her trust in you
and she believed in the words you preached.

she let you guide her,
she gave you her choices to make,
she let you take all control
of her entire being.

She gave you her secrets,
sincerely believing that you gave her the best advice in return.

She believed in the promises you made,
and never thought them to be fake.

She thought she was respected
when she was really just betrayed.

Clearly she mistook what was you charity case
as a sweet sincere friendship.

She made a mistake,
she sold you her soul,
you inspired her to think that
with you she had a fairy tale:
love, trust, and the perfection she strives for.
Actions are deceiving

so she took back her life,
with another lesson learned
She pieced back together the shattered mirror,
the mirror that held the reflections of her life with more damage than a soul should see.

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