When the Sun Goes Down

November 16, 2011
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If every breath I breathed smelled like vanilla lace
And my skin glowed every time I closed my pretty eyes
Would you let me into your special,personal space
And I could pull your hair as I whisper such glittery lies
If this is what you want, I'd be more than angry to give it
I'll feel every inch of your body and not care if it's comfortable
Ask me if I'll slide down a metal pole and I'll live it
Let me bow underneath your knees, so I can stay stable
I don't have to walk on silver roads or lick the rain
I can keep my legs splatted with dirt and nicks
As long as I can see your crooked teeth, I'll take the pain
Just ring me up if your microscopic testosterone needs a fix
Your hand can gently pumble my face into the ground
And your fist can embrace my always blushed cheeks
As long as you promise me you'll stay around, just around
I promise I'll stay in your bed, and I'll give you what you don't need
I don't want my arms to dirty your pants when they wrap
Your legs begging you not to shoot me your yelling sound
You can get ticked off,it's ok if you feel the need to snap
As long as you'll still love me when the sun goes down
Please let the sun go down

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