Silver Bells

November 16, 2011
By Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
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It is light out, but the sun is masked by the thick, whispy fog
And the white clouds hovering shove back an ultra-violet ray
The winter sprites wait until all the foreign cracks are gone
Playing with all who walk the frozen streets, caring for no name
Do not cry, for your tears would only sieze and ice over
Any sorrow you have must vanish for it would be in vain
Greet the opal and white colored roses and farewell to the green clovers
You may only hace sparkling colored stars and no diamond rain
The snow daners come out,creating playful blizzards in their step
Brushing red noses as their God-like pointe shoes jete on by
Be free,find your own spiritual wealth,there needn't be any death
Any feeling of empty or hollowness would only be filled with a lie
Take off your soles and shoe laces,feel the shimmering earth
Alive, it is alive beneath your tender,rawing toes and ankles
Bringing want and rebirth into a single music note together
But,their championship needn't be a scream-defining fable
Gaze upon the glazed over black button's in Frosty's ice
And be graetful for a day and you don't need to be in a spicy he**
Raise the goosebumps and may you never fail to find
The haunting plead of the sighing silver bells

The author's comments:
Inspired by listening to " Carol of the Bells "

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