Blue Moon

November 16, 2011
By Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
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"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."

It's so breathtaking to live in a place such as this one
To be surrounded by the welcoming smooth sand stone walls
And to lose your focus in the aquamarine jewel that doesn't like sun
The only time it will shimmer and shine is when darkness falls
Atlantis crystal hanging from divine lines of rich metals
Sheer curtains grazing my cooled skin as the winds blow
Water pours so that Niagra would be put to shame; a giant's kettle
Depression and the need for sandy eyes slowly begin to erode
What a waste it must be of life, to walk on polluted grounds
And breath in the exhaust of billions of passing vehicles
With heavy hearts filling with too much lead and falling down
I'd much rather stay up here with my sisters and watch Mercury trickle
The only reason I look down there is to obsess over green eyes
To hope that one day,Luna will build stairs up to this strange place
Maybe on that single day,fate will let you take off your shoes inside
My nieces and nephews of the stars will encourage me to step into the chase
Good thing hope exists,cause if it didn't my being would collapse
And the pounding thing in my chest would believe there is no soon
Rough fingers and soft hands be surrounded in silk ribbon wraps
If you would only look into my dying iris once in a blue moon

The author's comments:
Inspired by a dream I had :)

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