The Family (Broken Down)

November 16, 2011
By BryannaAkins PLATINUM, Garden Grove, California
BryannaAkins PLATINUM, Garden Grove, California
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The basic family consists of a father, mother, and their kids.

Sure it may seem perfect.

But don’t forget about the people that are also in a family.

What about grandparents? They shape their daughters and sons out

To be successful and to get married to the perfect husband or wife.

What about in-laws? And godparents? And what about cousins, too?

In-laws are your husband’s or wife’s family that support you and your spouse

Through thick and thin, sickness and health, and for richer and poorer.

Godparents are like second parents that’ll replace your mother or father

Should something happen to them.

They pamper you and smother you with love and affection.

They care about you as if they’re the God almighty themselves.

Widows are husband or wives with deceased spouses.

The loneliest members of someone’s family.

What about uncles and aunts?

The most disciplined ones of my family, particularly.

Mom’s Dad’s brothers and sisters that drive each other crazy.

What about cousins?

Your best friends, your greatest amount of, your closest things

To having brothers, sisters, or best friends.

You may have 10, or 20, or even 30 cousins that’ll either be your

Friends, enemies, rivals, or frenemies [somewhere in between].

Personally, I like my godfathers, mother, cousins,

and grandparents the most; they love me to pieces.

About a medium handful of my cousins are my frenemies,

But all the rest are my family posse.

Mother and grandparents are disciplined, but loving

And I’m pretty okay about it.

But the one person my heart will always adore

Is my godfather, Calvin.

That’s a family, broken down by name, importance, and family role.

I’ve yet to meet someone that has people that I’ve only heard of:

Cousins that are once and twice removed.

Oh well, might as well stick with what you got, huh?

You can choose your friends, but you can't choose who your family is...
But you CAN choose the insane asylum where you have 'em all locked up. JK, LOL

The author's comments:
It's true. I do have 20 or 30 cousins, closer to 30, though...!

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