My Mask

November 16, 2011
You think you know me but i wear a mask
It hides all my feelings, but i have worn it so long i don't think i've forgotten what it is like to feel
Happiness, sadness, understanding, pain, hurt,
Those are only words to me they mean nothing
I wear this mask to forget
To forget the humiliation, pain, suffering, lies
Sometimes I want to know what it feels like
To tell someone you love them and really mean it from the bottom of your heart
To feel pain when someone close to you dies and deep down you know they they are never coming back for you
But for right now I will wear this mask and let it slowly chip alway but deep down i don't want to let it go
The mask was and still is my protecter and like any protecter you don't want it to ever leave but to better myself I will chip and rip this tainted mask to show you the real me

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