Lean Girl

November 16, 2011
By DButterfly BRONZE, Houston, Texas
DButterfly BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Dark as the night. 
Bright as a light. 
It was no longer such a fright. 
Cause it  was such a sight,
to see all of her might,
being pushed to the extreme,
just to be lean. 
All she saw was the cover of the magazines,
pushing all her hopes and dreams,
away from what was once seen. 
Pictures of such,
meant so much because, 
she strived to be the lean.
She was now known as the wanting machine,
for she had no more dreams, 
because of those girls,
telling the world, 
something that doesn't need to be heard. 

The author's comments:
Well this topic came randomly in my head. I don't like that girls want to be so thin. It's good we come in all shapes and sizes. I hope people get the message.

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