How It Feels To Be Loved

November 16, 2011
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I can feel his heart beating into my spine
How his simple metronome can keep me so at peace
I can see my whole world in his eyes
His arms around me, fingers laced and stitched
More elegant than any elaborate doily
I love the smell of him around me, the warmth of his soft, comforting chest
My friends may not enjoy the sight of us, but I could really care less
I love to run my fingers over his face
And lightly trace the imperfections of his skin
Because, for how perfect he is, this allows me to know he’s still human
And when he rests his face in my hair, softly memorizing my scent
I can’t believe how lucky I am just to have him
His thumb traces light, little circles over my wrist
And I know, I could melt into him, into this bliss

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