November 16, 2011
Storming the North.
Lands of snow and cold.
An alien world without civilization.
Blot out the sky,
Rain of bitter redemption
The crime being counter-culture.
Razing villages
Stealing la terra of barbarians
Kidnapping their loved ones.
The Aquila glitters like the seas at dawn.
Ancillarii treacherous.
Senatus Populsque Romanus quests to kill.
Sack the Senate
Under the emperor’s command.
He, who flies the golden eagle.
“Et tu, Brute?”
The Ides envision forlorn hope.
Pre-Marius, Legio, et Auxilia.
The Praetorian irony,
Brutii betrayal,
S.P.Q.R. releases shrill cries of violet vengeance
In the city’s streets.

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