Barely Breathing

November 16, 2011
The wind blows,
it steals the air from under you.
To be able to breathe is a gift
Some find it difficult to accept.
The gusts of wind carry hope
Grasping it is difficult
Hold on tight
Secured by the surrender
You’ll soon be content

The wind blows.

Hearts grow cold
Ice down your neck,
from the breathe of something.
But there’s no one there
It travels down your neck
Continues onto your spine
The hair on your neck prickles,
the thorns of a dead rose.

The wind blows.

You are not alone
You know this
Screaming out silence
You can’t escape from it
The unknown makes you incapable,
incapable of breathing.
Gasping for air as if you were at the bottom,
the bottom of a twenty foot deep lake.
You’re almost to the top.
Lungs collapsing, dreams disappear.
You’re almost there
Hearts racing you feel like this is the end.
You are okay.

The wind blows.

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