Dream Time

November 16, 2011
I’m still not ready to move on
Ive been stuck in this dream for quite some time.
It’s hard to face reality when you forgot every ones face.
I’m a stranger to myself.
Lost sight because I’m looking too closely
If you sit back and look from a far things become more clear.
I’m not who I used to be
Forced to grow, develop into someone I cannot comprehend
To be somebody but feel like no one is no crime.
I’ve become a real believer that everything will work itself out
And so life goes on, the world still spins
And you’re left with no one but yourself
It’s time to grow up kid.
Untangle the lies from your hair
Sarcastic spoken truths
Umbraged with umbrellas
You are you.
Quit Biting your cheeks.

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