Cycle of Convincing

November 16, 2011
And so it ends just as it began
Starts off so promising
Awkward how the seasons have changed
ending like it start.
the suffocating surrender of my breathe,
To think you show no shame,
leads me to believe you have convinced yourself
Spring showed signs of happiness,
Fall makes shivering seem norm,
but the sadness takes me away
And shameless to take the blame
The toll was taken by your heart
To be left with the existent sadness,
makes you think you have won the world
But time after time you, too,will feel lonely
no matter how many people you surround.
Your sickness is contagious,
but I no longer suffer your unseen problem,
sickens me to the end.
To walk around so shameless,
Shows a little something about you.

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