I Miss You

November 6, 2011
We are two people who shared a moment,
Two people who shared opinions, views, morals and values,
Two people who shared a week in a beautiful place,
Two people who shared laughs, smiles
And two people who shared a kiss.

Five years later, these two people live apart
These two people live in different continents
These two people miss each other, or so one person thinks
These two people write and type
Laugh and smile at the computer screen
Pretending it is the others face.

Pen pals who know what makes each other tick
Pen pals who know family life, religion, goals, studies and sports
Pen pals who long to see each other again.

Friends separated by an ocean
Friends separated by career goals and lifestyles
Friends who wish they could see each other
Friends who affect each others lives by saying how much we miss one another.
He is my friend who I cannot live without no matter where he lives
He is my one to vent to, laugh to, he is the one who knows me the best.

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