Two Families collide

November 20, 2011
My fickle family fell apart from foolish pride
Since then years pass and my two families continue to clash
Frozen in time, the fighting never stopped
Sill my family was something that was always there
Though angry as wolves that when it came to me they were forced to share
So fighting went on as both sides said it was not fair
In this I saw my family could be easily lost
Swoosh taken away by cruel fates
Crack, snap went my heart as I was forced to pick a side
My papa bear or the queen bee
I had to choose one, to afraid to choose none
The pain was unbearable but in the end I did decide
To the judge my words were twisted, wrapped around a person’s finger
Fear filled, would I lose half my family from one choice?
The judge met his verdict, his words the law
In the end both sides were there for me despite the outcome
However my family was far from on the mend
Although family is stronger than what I though
It can still easily fall apart
Beware of what you do for any choose
That choice can rock your family more than a boat on stormy waters
And never take advantage of what you’re given
Or it can take advantage of you

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