Eyes At Rest

November 20, 2011
By Zira333 PLATINUM, Rockville, Maryland
Zira333 PLATINUM, Rockville, Maryland
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My heart stops beating,
My skin is white and pale
My chest caves in
My breathing begins to fail
My senses quiver
The frozen air makes me shiver
My feet drag heavy
Weighing more and more
Slipping on sleek ground
Tumbling to the floor
My body falls with ease
Without a sound
The expression left on my face is blank
My feeble mind is searching for peace
So that I may close my eyes in paradise
Will my eyes find the strength to close before I find that peace so lovely and nice?
Or will my eyes remain open?
Unable to be at rest and glare?
Will my lids close witht the satisfaction of obtaining that heavenly calm?
My ash grey skin may turn to cinders if what is needed to be found is not.
The surrounding air is hot but my flesh is icy cold
Images of times when life betrayed me unfold
The corners of my mouth are moist
Yet my lips are dry and blue
Full of deep depression
My body makes the confession
It cannot find paradise
My soul’s desperation has not located that last love to release
My body will not rest in peace
My eyes will remain awake
Staring in oblivion
I did not make the cut
My reason for living was not found
My lonely heart withers
I am to watch people morn over my dead body
I will stare at my entourage and see their pain struck, horrified faces
I will be paralyzed
I am no longer around to function
But my unclosed eyes still do
My bright eyes
Beautiful, big, and blue.
Not even tears can submerge from them now
Not even tears of sadness can submerge from them now
Not even tears of sadness can there be
My body can no longer allow
Allow Life
Allow Love
Allow my unclosed eyes to blink
My eyes stare open
But my gut is shut
Shut up
Shut down
My eyes are open

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