12th Grade

October 7, 2011
By Marlana Ledbetter BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Marlana Ledbetter BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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I admit without shame that I love school!
My friends and teachers complete my life
Their smiles make me smile and their frowns do the same
It will be hard to leave them next spring, and move
On to the next big thing

In any case I’m scared and unsettled about what is to come
I hate knowing that my time in High school is almost done
I just got here and now I have to leave
I’m going to college, that’s something I can’t believe

What’s worse is that I don’t even feel like I’m ready
I’m like a baby learning how to walk, I’m kinda unsteady

I feel like my life is ending but really it’s just begun
All my worry free laid back days are almost done
I’m excited about meeting new people and learning life lessons,
But the thought of being alone and independent is really depressing

I know most of my friends and peers don’t feel the same,
But honestly all this college stuff is driving me insane

Still it’s better than not having a plan or thinking about college at all
I’m glad I have a support system that wouldn’t let me fall..
Under the influence, peer pressure and petty little games,
Sadly no one could stop me from doing the dumb stuff, I cant even name

But let us have sympathy for those who weren’t as lucky as I
The ones who had to struggle everyday while High School passed them by
Or the ones who didn’t care at all because there was always a tomorrow,
And now that tomorrow was 3 years ago, their hearts are filled with sorrow

I guess you can say that I’m afraid to be ready, but ready to be afraid,
And still numb to the fact that I’m in the 12th grade

The author's comments:
All my feelings about my last year in High School

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