The sky

October 7, 2011
By Joshua Friday BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Joshua Friday BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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One huge blue platform, filled with
A yellow spot and white shapes.
Doesn’t mean much, and it’s there every day,
Regardless of time…situation.
Everyone looks at it and thinks different,
I have my own opinion. It wakes me up every day.

I wake up every morning, just to see the same thing
And every time my opinion stays the same.

Every day, the sky brings light to our world.

Rain, snow, hail, sun, clouds, all of the above comes from this huge

No one looks at it that way,
But I do.

Every day, every morning, every night,
Everything starts with the skies light and
The sun coming up in the (A.M.)

I’m always the first one up, looking at the sky
And thinking what next.

The author's comments:
I did this in class, but before i wrote it i was thinking about the poem when i woke up. I thought about the sky

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