October 7, 2011
By KelseyMack12 BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
KelseyMack12 BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Reality is hard to see
Some people choose not to look at.
We have broken systems,
But no one to stand up for them.
We have kids and young adults doing wrong,
For what?
To escape it all.

What`s the point of helping death,
Instead of creating more life?

In reality it’s all hard
But take the best of something and live it up for all.
For all the people doing wrong.

I know peer pressure is all around,
But does that mean we have to fall?
B.O.B said “don’t let me fall because what comes up must go down so don’t let me fall.”
Do you hear the message in that song?

Lupe Fiasco is another inspiration.
His show always goes on,
Even if it’s on or off stage.
Whatever the case maybe everyone’s show will continue to go on.

Keep it going.
Keep the show going.
Show everyone that you can make it.

Make it through those hard times and new times,
See back in the old day, hard times where all the time
But, I bet you they still made it the best they could.

Make it even if you have to fake it sometimes,
We all come from reality just to escape it all.

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