In Hell

October 6, 2011
I am alone in this darkness once more,

This wall between us has sealed off the light,

And I kneel in the shadows,

My hands cupping my shattered heart,

Even as it beats painfully it longs for you,

But you are not yourself anymore,

Your heart has turned away from me,

This blood that flows from my hands as my heart of glass cuts them,

It is the only color in my life,

My tears have grown black as my soul,

I see only the darkness,

I have failed myself, my darling,

I have lost you,

And lost myself to the insanity,

I will never escape from these demonic thoughts,

I do not wish to harm you, my love,

But I cannot control what these hands do,

If I killed you,

Would I be free from these wishes of death?If I saw you die beneath my hands,

These hands that once held you so closely,

They have become instruments of the darkness,

The ground beneath me has cracked open like my heart,

Hell itself threatens to swallow me,

But these flames are inside,

Only stoked by thoughts of how you were stolen away,

By one benevolent angel,

That is what you called her, my dearest,

More than anything this jealousy and hate,

Wishes for her head on a silver plate,

Only death could avenge what your angel has done,

And I, the devil's lady, will destroy the pain,

With anger and seething rage,

You were taken from me, my darling,

You were too blinded by her feathered wings,

To see what was before you,

The one you loved,

You are murdering slowly,

This heart you've ripped from my chest,

It sputters and threatens to die,

I have torn all remorse from it,

Only the thorns of evil remain,

Embedded deeply in the surface,

Their coils will never be pried away,

For you, my love, I have one final gift,

What you and your deceiving angel deserve,

A gift from one who has sold herself to the devil,

I will confess, my dearest,

My twisted soul has wrought a curse upon you,

My desire for revenge more consuming,

Than the burning desire for your love,

Death, I once thought, was weaker than love,

But we shall see how you fare,

When you've been torn to pieces as I have,

And cast into Hell,

To burn eternally in the fires,

Of unrequited, ashen love.

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