November 11, 2011
By Bethanie Hardie BRONZE, Stoke On Trent, Other
Bethanie Hardie BRONZE, Stoke On Trent, Other
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‘Monster,’ they cried,
I ran through the night,
The moon feeding me with its stolen glow,
I look back and see the torches,
What did I do?
So I took a stray dog, a sheep, I had to survive
‘They won’t be missed’, or so I thought.
My skin is grey, my hair ash black,
My eyes have no white,
Is this reason to hate?
I am one, I am whole, and I am human,
Or at least I was, for a while.
Never another did I harm,
But still they fear, fear to an extent that they would kill.
My free will was taken,
My only life destroyed,
I ran for a new beginning but instead I am hounded like an animal.
Little did I know that these people needed no excuse
To persecute.

The author's comments:
I feel very strongly against discrimination and believe that we should all except one another for who we are. Even if you are a vampire...

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