My friend

November 11, 2011
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Hey, Dani
That thing I posted on tumblr the other day
You know,
Where I let my heart bleed out my feelings
For that one person

That person I was bleeding for
She was you

I’m not sure you will ever see it
Let alone understand
Who it was for

But maybe
You can return my feelings

Let me know I am loved back
But you see
I highly doubt
That it will ever happen

I know
You only see me as a friend
Maybe even a sister

That’s fine
At least I got it out
Not directly to you

But it’s out
I’m still too scared
To tell you

I even got jealous
Of your boyfriend
But when you guys were through
I was overjoyed

But I guess
I’m a masochist when it comes to love
Because I’d rather see you happy
With someone else
Even though it destroys me

But hey,
As long as you are happy
I can be as well

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