He's Home

November 11, 2011
The world around him shook with energy….excitement
Bodies pushed on him from all sides, blocking off the sky,

Hiding what he so desperately needed to see.
The sun burned down on him, sweat stinging his eyes
Heat radiated off the street, warming his skin
He felt his mothers protective hand upon his shoulder,

Keeping him safe.
A thundering roar filled the air,

Vibrating the earth beneath his feet,
The crowd around him began to cheer,

Surging forward…… a massive wave,
He was ripped off his feet, into the baking air.
His mother clung tightly to him, holding him to her chest
The light was blinding, reflecting off the buildings, the cars,

The pavement….burning.
Then, coming towards him, a shadow, a silhouette against the fire
He squinted past the startling pain, and then realized the shadows true form.
He struggled in his mothers arm, gasping and yelling
Demanding to be released, to escape.
His knees slammed into the ground, his hands keeping him from drowning,
He struggled to his feet,
The earth solid and secure beneath him, helping him up
The crowd parted before him, the sea before Moses.
With the roar and the wind whipping past his face,

He ran.
The world slowly past him,
the nameless faces blur
the deafening roar softens
The staggering heat releases its grip
Nothing but the figure in front of him
Nothing but the promise of return..
of hope…
of love…
He raced forward, throwing himself into the air
Flying through lost time
Into the arms of his Father.

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