Hood Life

November 1, 2011
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I'm from a place I don't get.
Like why is my brother so mean as a shark.
I am from a planet that get lucky to find a 10,000,000 dollars.
You may even find yourself in a bad situation.
Like you may see a crime and you never seen that before.
I am from a country if you hit a girl you go to jail.
I'm from a place people love you but they turn there back on you.
Like they sleep with your cousin or your friends.
I am from kids talking about your mom.
am from injuries all day every day.
Like bruto beating Punch and couldn't even go to sleep.
So scared my heart was pounding 24/7.
I'm from babies and scars.
I'm from if you walk out side you get jumped and stump even almost killed.
I'm from people getting booked for smoking weed.
I'm from people picking up hookers and diseased.
People getting shot to dying.
I am from, if you are in a gang you get hurt or die.
I am from rapes on the news.
Crime scenes like no hope.
I'm from homeless people that are selling dope to teens to make
People running from the cops, swat team chasing them.
I am from people getting shook in jail.
I'm from drug dealer at each block selling drugs.
Moms crying because son got shot and the doctor can't help her son, so the son's dies.

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