Puddle Jumping

November 9, 2011
I laughed at you and smiled
On that warm summer day.
You slipped and fell into the puddle of mud.
The cloudy water was splashed across your face,
The dirt on your new dress of lace.
I’m sorry for smiling
But you tripped and fell,
And you even had a smile on your water splashed face.
You simply got a little dirty, not a bruise or a scrape,
Not a need for a strip of medical tape.
But I’m sorry, I am,
I didn’t mean to be mean.
I will buy you rain boots for the next puddle, I mean.
You won’t be seen in the water
With your head to the sky,
And next time, you won’t have to think of a lie,
To cover up for your tiny mistake,
About the time you fell deep into the “lake”.

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