If you only knew...It

November 17, 2011
By veronicacoltsfan3 BRONZE, Riverdale, Utah
veronicacoltsfan3 BRONZE, Riverdale, Utah
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A cold breeze whispers through my hair
Waiting for something to break the silence
I can feel the tears dripped dry down my cheek
If you were here you'd wipe them away
Holding the drawing you gave me with the heart and our names inside with the letter
I rip it up, watching the pieces of paper fly away like feathers in the wind
So colorful but so faded
The images come back to my overdosed mind
Watching everything like a roll of film
I try to burn the film in my brain
It won't erase
My tears are like flames that keep my eyes burning
I feel the pain, I feel the hurt, I feel the anger within them
I can hear my heart screaming
But no voice comes out
You broke me on the inside and out
I can't break free from your hurt and love
Your name keeps coming, keeps calling my name
I needed your love
I want it back
But the only thing I have is the love we shared
And the star that comes out on a clear sky night
My makeups faded
My hair is blown away from my face
If you only knew the hurt
If you only knew what I felt
If you only knew...I existed

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