November 6, 2011
By TheGirlWhoWaited BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
TheGirlWhoWaited BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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Like a wounded dove
Falling from the sky
And like a mockingbird
Witnessing a lie
Like waves crashing from the sea
And stormy clouds and misery
Distracting as love’s first strike
Just as painful as a knife
Like a sunset on a sunny day
Leading to a dark night in which forever it feels you must stay
And the moonlight finally going away
Like a starving man’s final bite
And a dying girl’s last night
Like a lonely teen building up a wall
Making it impenetrable so it will never fall
Like the crazy thoughts that run through his head
Wondering if really he’s better off dead
And will anyone ever see past his lies
Before it’s too late
He begins to cry
Like feeling so alone
While crowded around your friends
Thinking how long it will be
Until you’ve reached the end
Like the look on her face
When she’s finally shown the scars
Terrified you feel
Questioning if she’ll run far
To get away from all the pain
And your blood, tears, and rain
Thinking he would understand
She showed him what was under her bands
But he didn’t
And now she sees
That nothing is what it’s meant to be
She can feel the hot tears running down her face
As he turns away and leaves without a trace
Like the sight of the forest burning under the sun
All the inhabitants inside
With nowhere to run
No relief and no rest
From that persevering pest
That eats away at your soul
And then leaves you alone, never to feel whole
That is pain, of that there can be no doubt
Can love be the only way out?

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