Forever In The Heavens

November 6, 2011
By lhadid BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
lhadid BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Dropped from the seventh cloud
left like and infant at the door steps of a church
cold with no shelter, no warmth
Have i just lost someone or have i just lost myself?
Hearing the words, "I'm sorry for your loss"
Felt as if a million burdens came and dragged my heart
to the ground
Can it be a dream?
Cries from the left and right filling my ears.
No...No! This cannot be real!
Theb i fall into an empty space
left for me by the universe
where no time took place
and the silence
was silenced.
I saw him in the distance
Running holding my breath trying not to blink
and praying to not wake up yet.
I arrive before him. I begin to ask
"Why was i left alone?"
He turns to me
with that one of a kind smile
and thays when i knew
that i was still grandpas little girl
and that he would never let me fall.
I smiled back
as we slowly broke apart.
Promising each other that we will bw together one day
and our love will forever be in the heavens.
Like angels.
Bringing down light on us both.
For all Eternity.

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