Love Anonymous

November 6, 2011
By Anonymous

You found out what I did,
I hide in shame,
As you laugh at me.
Why laugh at love?
I can’t help my obsession,
You are all I have ever wanted

I get jealous when you talk to those girls,
I long for you to call my name,
You never do.
I do everything I can to get closer to you,
All you do is walk away,
Not knowing that my heart breaks a little more every time,
Only leaving debris from what use to be.

You call me blonde,
Little do you know that I create a plan in my head.
I surround myself with your friends,
Hoping you will come over to me,
You never do.

I wait for those “Good morning, beautiful” texts,
They never come,
My phone never rings.
Your name never lights up my phone.
I text you,
Hoping for a response,
You never reply.

I give you all my heart,
Never receiving any of yours.
I waste my time on something I know will never be,
Waiting for my American Dream.
I hope some day you will sweep up all the debris,
That you have left.
I desperately want your love.

I knew I should of left it anonymous.

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