Reality Is Not My Friend

November 6, 2011
I had a dream last night about you
The window pain had cracked in my room
A brand new mirror that I broke in two
That was the time I fell into an endless slumber
I can't believe I did forget again
To turn back the clock on the wall
Midsummer nights I had spent at the beach
A stable life snatched right out from under my feet
The curtains were drawn while I gazed outside
At raindrops that danced and descended their way to the ground
Bonfires the earth felt were burning us alive
Breads were broken around the big table
And bones were broken against the crumbled walls
When Lavender and Mauve were my worlds favorite colors
Breakthroughs and breakouts into freedom day
Twenty-dozen roses were spread out on your grave
A body with no face and a life with no name
Your eyes were closed but your heaven ablaze
You let the fog seep into the room
The gentle haze swirling in the air
That's when the mice came and flew to the moon
Spacemen urged me to flee in my sleep
But death was too close with my soul to keep
The universe ripped itself apart in anger
I am shaken awake; left with one question
From this echoed place; who are you to say
That dreams will always come true

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