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November 6, 2011
By peapod416 PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
peapod416 PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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"A smart girl know their limits, a wise girl knows she has none." Marilyn Monroe

You flaunt you pictures in my face every time I log on.
You're a constant reminder of the friends I don't have.
Your Myspace pose pics of how pretty you and your friends are make me sick.
My definition of a friend has changed because of you.
I don't have those group photo shots from a huge party you had.
I can't take those Myspace pose pictures and put them on Facebook.
Because I don't have friends that come over to my house whenever they want.
Because I'm not skinny enough to feel comfortable taking pics of myself and displaying them for all to see.
I hate you because I envy you.
Facebook Friends: 698
Real Friends: 0

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