Sleepless Nights

November 5, 2011
By ScarlettBeauty BRONZE, Warren, Ohio
ScarlettBeauty BRONZE, Warren, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"O what a tangled web we weave, when what we first practice is to decieve" -Walter Scott-

My eyes they wonder

at every shadow

every sound

my heart it races

beating faster,faster

So much that I can hear it pounding in my chest


Terror fills my being

fills my soul

I lay awake at night

petrified by my own senses

my hearing

my sight

If my eyes do grow heavy

and I slip into a moderate coma

I dream dreams

or rather nightmares

that I would not wish on my worst enemies

so real

so lucid

so horrifying

Awake I cower from reality

Asleep I cower from fabrications of my mind

Life is cruel

The world is cold

I have every reason to be afraid

a wise man once said

It is good to be brave

but their is a difference between brave and pure stupidity

It is brave to stand up to and face your fears

It is stupid to fear nothing

I try to live by these words

Guidelines of intellect

they wrap me in comfort

oh such litte comfort

even that is pure bliss

The author's comments:
I'm horrified by the unexplained shadows I see out of the corner of my eye...the weird noises I hear..the porcelain dolls in my living room that I have recently learned are supposedly vessels for the dead. Something is in my house. I feel it watching me. Or maybe its all psychosomatic. I do have a love for the paranormal. I just put what I am feeling right now into Sleepless Nights. I went seeking the paranormal...and it looks like I've found it...Be careful what you wish might just get it.

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