Is It Really the Process?

November 5, 2011
By beachebabce37 SILVER, Oak Park, California
beachebabce37 SILVER, Oak Park, California
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Who are you?
It’s a simple enough question
But when asked by these people, the people that will determine your future
(or so we close our minds to think)
It’s a whole other monster
You sit and you think, and you think and you sit
And the second an idea comes into your mind
But you swat it away before it has a chance to develop into the nugget of wisdom it could be
Because it isn’t good enough
It never is
At least in your mind
You’re never good enough
Or so you tell yourself
Or so they make you tell yourself
Who are you?
But when asked this question, you’re a jumbled mess
Dear College Admissions counselor,
My brain is oatmeal right now
Open me up and that is what you will find
Eat me if you would like
Sure you want that on your campus?
Think I will be a fine addition to your school?
I don’t know if I do
Because this is making me crazy
I am losing my mind
I can’t think straight
And now I don’t know who I am, or what I want, or where I’m going
So much for self-discovery

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