The Courage Of A Friend

November 5, 2011
By SofiaPheonix BRONZE, Blanding, Utah
SofiaPheonix BRONZE, Blanding, Utah
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Everyone wants happiness, No one wants pain, but you cant make a rainbow without a little rain.

Cold as snow, Dark as night,
Distant from all forms of life,
Water smooth as shattered glass,
Down he swims to escape his past,

Treading water I'm going nowhere,
courage comes my head goes under,
Down I swim to bring him back,
Outstretched hope feels for his hand,

Deeper down I hurt to breathe,
Pause for a moment to heed my needs,
I face myself up to the sun,
But then turn back he too must come,

His small form catches my eye,
Immediately down I fly,
Hand outstretched to grab his arm,
I see his eyes full of alarm,

A surge of courage overcomes me,
Towards the surface we must hurry,
I can almost feel the sun on my face,
Almost out of this cold dark place,

My hand stretched out up it lurches,
To the top we break through the surface.

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