Apotheosis; the Antithesis.

November 5, 2011
By MaoFish BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
MaoFish BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"I cannot see what flowers at my feet."

I am led like a dog to the brink of death.

The cold instruments in your hands; shall soon become warm once met with my flesh.

I am the savior that absolves all from sin.
Tied to a crude wooden stake.
A crown of daisies placed upon my head by children.

I am the apotheosis to a hellish tartarus.
I am the Anti Christ, the reverse side of Him.
Come to me, my people. I welcome you in my arms.
Gather round, and I shall preach to you with my passionate cries.
Come, my children, my lost sheep.
Revel in my pain.
Frenzied dance to my unceasing screams;
Rallied shouts as this body grows still.

I am your God that no longer ceases to exist.
Stoned to death.
Let these rocks become the flowers that adorn my shallow grave.

The author's comments:
The image of a stoning steeped in religious values.

From the viewpoint of the condemned, the cruelty before death.
Watched by the others, only a broken body left in the middle of unblinking eyes.

Applicable to yesterday, today, the future. To love, relationships, to family, to everything and anything.

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