Performing Arts

November 4, 2011
Layers of paint
And molded plastic
Alien fabrics alter the flesh
To an unfamiliar shape
Finally I reach out a hand to meet this stranger
But the hand I press against the mirror is my own
I run the script through my mind
An outline of the personality I must adopt
I work to say words and think thoughts I
Would have never invented myself
Each move I make
Across the intimidating stage
Is measured to mesmerize
Every line I deliver
Even the lighting
Adds to the scene
Enhancing my new appearance
Aching to please all
So that no one doubts the new character
I have become
I am no longer my old self
Now every cell is inhabited
By this new creature

Until the time of applause
Then everything is stripped away
All the tweaking and alterations my features took on
I claim back my height
My hair
My eyes
My voice
My attitude
The show has reached its conclusion
And once again
I am me
Even after all the personalities I have taken on over time
The one I prefer is

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