November 4, 2011
They are not on the mountains' peaks
Where each breath is more difficult than the last
They aren't below the deepest ocean
Swimming with the strangest of creatures
You could spend your entire life looking
Under everything you own
And all of eternity digging
Up every bit of earth
And they would still not be found

You could travel to the depths of Hell
And pry open the Devil's fingers
Expecting to see them waiting
As menacing as a sharpened blade
They would not be there

You could stand outside the Gates of Heaven
Behind the judgment throne
Expecting to find them hiding
After having been cast out
They would not be there

So call of this pointless search
And remember
The time you gave your belief and devotion
For eternal forgiveness
Because three nails
A cross
And an empty grave
Caused your sins to cease to exist

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