November 5, 2011
By Siesie SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Siesie SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"life is not fun, you have to make it that way."

I walk in the darkness for they can’t see me
Others voices merge to a murmur
Because no one cares to see
I cry when no one is around
That is when my hart turns cold
And the figures come abound
They tempt and kill me
But still,
No one cares to know me
Nothing matters as the voices grow
My skin is cold as the darkness starts to know
The demons thoughts flood my mind
Death, darkness, and sadness fill me
But still, everyone is blind
I wonder if I could hurt others
But those thoughts make me shutter
So I take the blade to my wrist
But still, it wont bring be bliss
So I take the gun to my head
As I lay upon my bead
I think it is time to find a happy place
Blood stains my hair as the blare fills me
A silent tear falls down my face
Finally the voices fade
Maybe now they will see me

The author's comments:
Depression is a ugly thing. Make sure they know you care.

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